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Rites of Nullification enumerates and expands a brief passage in the grimoire “Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash” touching upon four Qliphothic anti-worlds which pertain to antagonistic spheres of revolt against the four classical elemental worlds of creation in the traditional Sephiroth.  These four anti-worlds, which embody hostile derangement and dissolution of these creative spheres, are elaborated and structured into a full, comprehensive rite by which the practitioner nullifies the ego-universe to return to the primordial chaos preceding these experiential manifestations, which become a prison of cultural ontologies, in the quest for transcendent gnosis.   This is effected first through contemplation of a four-dimensional switching matrix as vertices of a mathematical hypercube. Then, through penetration of its mysteries, the descendant constructs four pathways through this continuum wherein travel four serpents of cataclysm--ladders of descent into elemental nullification.  Finally, four invocations of these convoluted, atavistic tunnels of descent—which are intoned vocally in the compositions of these hymns--transmute the magician’s ritual identity from the Fool of completion standing at the precipice of a stable ego-universe, to the Devil of post-apocalyptic pandemonium.  This no-world beyond worlds has no place and its sparking impossibilities are the anarchy preceding and proceeding form, the eternal yet instantaneous and destabilizing membrane between desire and manifestation where limitless potential reigns perpetually an unthinking, violent, venomous process of effortless and unconscious becoming.

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